Monday, 22 April 2013

Italian Flat Parsley in Raised Bed

The raised bed on the left side is the cabbage patch interspersed with Snap Dragon and Petunia flowers and some Spring Onions. The raised bed on the right side is planted with Italian Flat Parsley, Chinese Cabbage or Wombok and interspersed with Snap Dragon and French Marigold flowers. I start my plants from seeds and as usual, I sowed more than what I needed. So once the plants are germinated, I always have a glut and I have to give away some of the seedlings to friends and relatives so they don't go to waste. Whenever I needed some parsley in my cooking such as in making pasta or a sauce, all I have to do is go out and get them fresh from the garden. 

There are times when the Parsley plants would spill over into the walkway in the garden because they grow so fast, robust and healthy. I would snip off the stems of the ones that are spilling in the walkway and feed these to the rabbits and they go crazy because they can smell it even before I get to the door of the rabbitry knowing that they are going to have some fresh Parsley.  I still have some Italian Flat Parsley seedlings that are growing nicely in the growing pot because I staggered my planting, this way, I don't run out of it and I will have a continuous supply of this herb.  


  1. I love this raised bed gardening ideas and they are perfect to start up an entertainment in your backyard and I think it is also easy to work on this project.

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    1. Thanks for checking this out. Yes, we use this small backyard garden for entertainment all the time specially when we have some guests. We spend a lot of time just enjoying the view from the small sitting area. The work wasn't really easy as it entailed a lot of hard work because we re-arranged the set up in the garden but once it was done, it was all worth it. Now we can sit back and just enjoy the fruits of our labor.